The 2012 festival was another wonderfully hosted event at the KwaZulu Natal Museum in Ulundi over the 29th & 30th of December. This last festival marked five years of celebrating the rich heritage of our diverse cultural composition as South Africans. HRH Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni Royal House took this opportunity to honour his grandfather and the role he played in our nations history. The 2012 festival marked the initiation by the Prince of a campaign to include a number of different provincial groups in the festival’s program which he achieved by inviting and hosting these performers for the duration of the festival. As part of the 5 year hallmark we have a number of special events planned throughout 2013, watch this space for more details as we pin down the details.

The Prince has arranged school uniforms to be distributed throughout Kwazulu Natal to primary schools that have disadvantaged kids as part of this five year benchmark in the festival’s history. The Prince will take this year to focus on more programs to advance the lives of the needy throughout our province and beyond. The growth and development of the Onkweni Royal Cultural Festival as a source of revenue for the local community is key to this upliftment, with one of the strategies being to foster international tourism as a part of the festival compliment.

Enjoy the stunning photos from the festival.

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