In the Limpopo province, King Sekhukhune of the baPedi defended his people against the Boers who took large parts of his land evicting the baPedi out of the ancestral lands. Sekhukhune also protested against the missionaries abolition of polygamy which was the basic cultural right of the baPedi. He therefore fought against the Boers and missionaries on the fundamental right of the baPedi. To this day the young baPedi people who got inspiration from this King sing songs which are of historical nature and some which are of cultural activities.

The BaVenda: After the death in 1864 of Ramabulana, the baVenda King, the Boers caused a division by chosing his son Davhana. The majority of the baVenda suspected him of having poisoned his father and supported Makhado. The latter built a resistance at Schoemansdal and forced the Boer army sent there to leave the town in 1867. Makhado died in 1895. Mphephu the legitimate heir of Makhado was driven across the Limpopo in 1898. Through bravery the baVenda later came back and this inspires most of the baVenda youth to this day. Thus cultural activities are connectedly linked to heroic deeds.

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